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Every training we offer is customized to you. Contact us today and we'll get to work designing the training that meets  your unique needs.   

Tablet User

Want to do it yourself? We get that. And we're here to help. Our website builder workshop will teach about the various platforms available, which one is right for your business, and how to build a professional website that is easy to update and maintain.  


We think newsletters are fun, and we're betting that if you want to learn how to produce your own you do, too. Our newsletter production workshop will teach you how to create a newsletter that represents your brand and your voice. We'll also talk mailing lists and how to manage them effectively. 


Through no fault of their own, many small businesses aren't prepared. We're here to change that. In this 2-hour workshop you'll learn why an emergency preparedness plan is more than just best practices and we'll deliver a plan that can be customized to meet the needs of your business.  

Hatha Class

We're not talking about your stereotypical "om".  Our mindfulness and meditation program is designed to be used anywhere and anytime. No special gear or props. We start with one minute of mindfulness and demonstrate why sometimes, that's all you need. 

"Amy's great to work with. She's fun, cheerful, intelligent, hard-working, and she really cares about doing the best job possible.

She excels at planning, organizing, creating, and implementing. She can be counted on to do what no one else is often able to do. She is recognized as a true "go to" person."

Black & Veatch Construction  & Procurement

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